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600 E. Boulevard, Dept. 408
Bismarck, ND 58505-0480

701.328.2400 - Phone
877.245.6685 - Toll-Free
800.366.6888 - TTY
701.328.2410 - Fax

Know What's Below, Call before you dig.

Public Awareness: Meetings and Hearings


Regular and Special Meetings Admin Meetings Informal Hearings, Work Sessions, Other
03/11/15 Regular Agenda (48KB pdf)
03/11/15 Regular Audio (26MB mp3)
03/11/15 Admin Agenda (30KB pdf)
03/11/15 Admin Audio (34MB mp3)
  03/06/15 Work Audio (11MB mp3)
03/05/15 Special Agenda (25KB pdf)
03/05/15 Special Audio (4MB mp3)
02/25/15 Regular Agenda (40KB pdf)02/25/15 Admin Agenda (31KB pdf) 
02/11/15 Regular Agenda (43KB pdf)
02/11/15 Regular Audio (19MB mp3)
02/11/15 Admin Agenda (32KB pdf)
02/11/15 Admin Audio (23MB mp3)
02/11/15 Informal Agenda (11KB pdf)
02/02/15 Special Agenda (6KB pdf)
02/02/15 Special Audio 2 (1MB mp3)
02/02/15 Special Audio 1 (3MB mp3)
02/02/15 Admin Agenda (6KB pdf)
02/02/15 Admin Audio (11MB mp3)
01/29/15 Special Agenda (6KB pdf)
01/29/15 Special Audio (5MB mp3)
01/26/15 Special Agenda (6KB pdf)
01/26/15 Special Audio (3MB mp3)
01/26/15 Admin Agenda (6KB pdf)
01/26/15 Admin Audio (826KB mp3)
01/22/15 Special Agenda (27KB pdf)
01/22/15 Special Audio (25MB mp3)
01/22/15 Admin Agenda (9KB pdf)
01/22/15 Admin Audio (5MB mp3)
01/22/15 Work Audio (20MB mp3)
01/21/15 Regular Agenda (43KB pdf)
01/21/15 Regular Audio (18MB mp3)
01/21/15 Admin Agenda (31KB pdf)
01/21/15 Admin Audio (37MB mp3)
01/16/15 Special Agenda (25KB pdf)
01/16/15 Special Audio (3MB mp3)
 01/16/15 Work Audio (30MB mp3)
01/07/15 Regular Agenda (43KB pdf)
01/07/15 Regular Audio (22MB mp3)
01/07/15 Admin Agenda (30KB pdf)
01/07/15 Admin Audio (16MB mp3)
01/07/15 Informal Audio (16MB mp3)
  01/05/15 Work Audio 2 (10MB mp3)
01/05/15 Work Audio 1 (27MB mp3)

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